Buhari: Nigerian patriotism can increase foreign investments

President Muhammadu Buhari encouraged local Nigerians Monday to increase their patriotism and selfless service in order to make the nation more attractive to foreign investors. At a town hall meeting, President Buhari spoke with several Nigerian community members from Doha. He stated that the federal government will develop a positive environment for investments in Nigeria. Read More »

Endeavour sells Youga gold mine for $25.3 million

Endeavour Mining Corp. recently sold its Youga Gold Mine in central Burkina Faso to MNG for $25.3 million. Endeavour executives described the sale as a way to streamline the company's portfolio while providing value to others in the mining industry. The Youga mine is approximately 112 miles southeast of Ouagadougou. At the end of 2015, the mine showed reserves of 17.8 million tons. Read More »

U.S., Nigeria and GE launch initiative to reduce mother and infant deaths.

The U.S. and Nigerian governments and General Electric will launch the Healthymagination Mother and Child Initiative to reduce Mother and infant mortality in Nigeria with an event 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja. Healthymagination Mother and Child Initiative will expand access to digital prenatal screenings to reduce preventable deaths. Read More »

University of Nottingham celebrates Nigerian students

The University of Nottingham in Nigeria co-hosted an event with UK Trade and Investment Thursday in order to build relationships among institutional academic partners, alumni, current students, academic staff at the university and stakeholders. Nigerians make up the largest demographic of African students studying at the university. More than 200 students there are from Nigeria. Read More »

Next Einstein Forum promotes science and technology in Africa

NEF recently initiated a worldwide call for the support of science and technology in Africa as the continent is expected to be one of the largest worldwide economies in the near future. The event will be held in Daka, Senegal. The organizers expect 700 participants from approximately 80 different countries. Fifty-one percent of these participants are youth and 40 percent are women. Read More »

ECA meeting focuses on sustainable industrialization in Africa

Environmentally-friendly industrialization is the topic of "Green Economy to Speed Up Industrialization in North Africa," an ICE organized by the ECA. This is the 31st gathering. Nassim Oulmane, acting director of the ECA office in North Africa, said one of the main topics of conversation at the meeting would be how a green economy can make industrialization in African happen faster. Read More »

First Oxford Business Forum Africa emphasizes “unreasonable Africa”

The first Oxford Business Forum Africa will soon hold sessions themed “Unreasonable Africa” to encourage people to discover unique solutions and opportunities on the continent. The goal of the forum is to encourage business people in Africa to act on their bold visions for the future. Africa is expected to be one of the greatest worldwide economic powers in the near future. Read More »

African Development Bank hires new senior policy advisor

The African Development Bank recently hired Kevin Urama as its senior policy advisor on Inclusive and Green Growth. Urama's new responsibilities are to lead the bank's efforts in matters involving energy, climate change, natural resource management and agriculture. He will also aid the Senior Management Coordination Committee. Urama previously worked for Quantum Global. Read More »

IMF deputy managing director visits, discusses economy of Côte D'Ivoire

Mitsuhiro Furusawa discussed his visit and meeting with President Alassane Dramane Ouattara. Furusawa praised the country's increase in pro-poor spending and its changes in the distribution of cocoa and coffee revenue in order to change farmers' stakes. However, Furusawa noted that there were still high numbers of unemployment, poverty and inequality in the nation. Read More »

Centurion Law Group launches pro-bono business mentorship program in Cameroon

Centurion Law Group has started a new pro bono initiative to help startups and small- to- medium-sized businesses. The Centurion Business Mentorship Program will offer legal and business advice, covering labor, tax and customs issues. The pilot program will begin in Cameroon. The program is designed for any entrepreneur desiring more knowledge about launching a successful company. Read More »

Micoperi partners with Quantum Power on construction of Tema natural gas facility

Quantum Power recently selected Micoperi as the EPC contractor for its upcoming Tema liquefied natural gas facility in Ghana. Construction of the facility is set to begin in 2016. Upon completion, the facility will provide up to 2,000 MW of power generation. Quantum Power is working with Ghana's national gas aggregator the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation on this project. Read More »