Svanikier’s Svani Ltd partners with Mahindra in new vehicle launch

Indian automotive manufacturer Mahindra announced recently that it was launching a number of new vehicles in partnership with Ghana-based Svani Limited.

Mahindra’s new fleet includes the new Scorpio SUV, the Bolero Pickup, and the Scorpio Pickup.

In Ghana, Svani Limited is the only importer and distributor of Mahindra vehicles. Thomas Svanikier, a leading Ghanaian entrepreneur and philanthropist, is the executive chairman and founder of Svani Ltd.

"We have the pulse of the Ghana customer due to our long association in this sector,” Thomas Svanikier said. "Mahindra, which has stood the test of time for more than 60 years in the home market, will find in us a trusted partner for its new initiative."

The Bolero Pickup features a single cab and double cab. The Scorpio Pickup offers a double cab.

Vehicle specifications can be found here. (

Mahindra is a $6 billion company and is among the top 10 companies in India. Svani Limited, established in 1990, is an automotive importer.