Vice President Boakai heralds Liberia’s opportunities

Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai recently told the United States-Liberia Trade and Investment Forum that Liberia is seeking strategic partnerships in several trade areas.

Boakai said these areas are not only of great need for Liberia, but also of greater comparative advantage for Liberia and many of the firms at the forum adding that strategic public-private partnerships in these areas will have the greatest impact in raising the living standards of its citizens.

“No nation on earth has managed to successfully build and sustain a macro-economic framework that spurs prosperity, inclusive growth and socio-economic development, and erect pillars of democratic institutions without partnerships with the private sector," Boakai said in the letter to the trade forum. "On this premise, we come here today to trumpet our resolve to thrust our nation forward, to showcase those areas in which we can cultivate and expand mutually beneficial interactions, and, by that, to further cement the long-standing relations between our two countries.”