Ghana receives West Africa Oil & Gas Talent Summit 2015

West Africa Oil & Gas Talent Summit 2015 will be held at La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra, Ghana from Oct. 27 to 29.

The event is organized by Human Leadership Resources (HLR) and Oil & Gas Soft Skills Ltd (OGS) and will be attended by stakeholders of the West African oil and gas sector.

The summit will focus on the African market and discuss talent innovation for organizational and regional competitiveness, aiming to find strategies during crises.

One of the points to be discussed is the low price of oil, which currently is being sold at $40 (USD) per barrel, and how companies should adapt their workforce strategies to the current market.

“The issue of skills gaps and shortages must not be seen only in terms of how to get more employment ready graduates into the workforce; it is beyond numbers", OGS Director Emmanuel Emielu said. "It is also in terms of how to get the workforce highly engaged and top performing. Without this balanced approach, it is like pouring precious fresh water into a leaking container. And this is perhaps more imperative now, as companies grapple with delivering business results with a reduced workforce, in the face of dwindling fortunes.”