AfDB supports improved electricity access in African countries

The Gambia River Basin Development Organization (OMVG) has received a commitment from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for a $138 million (USD) loan to aimed at improving electricity access in the region.

The project aims to significantly increase the access rates in Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal from now until 2020.

“This project will help establish not only the backbone infrastructure necessary for the regional Gambia River Basin power industry, but the major regional electricity market covering the larger West African region as well,"Alex Rugamba, AfDB Energy, Environment and Climate Change Director, said.

Today only 12 percent of houses in Guinea have electricity, which is expected to reach 20 percent by the end of the program. In Gambia the portion of homes that have electricity is expected to grow from to 19 percent to 45 percent. Senegal is expected to see a climb from 35 percent to 42 percent in electricity access in the country's home.

During the next five years, the OMVG energy project will develop a hydro-electricity dam  in Sambangalou that will feature a 128 megawatt capacity and an electricity distribution network including 1,677 kilometers of 225 kilovolt lines, 15 high/medium voltage transformer stations and two load dispatch centers.