Bloomberg, GFIM launch trading system for Ghana government bonds

Bloomberg and the Ghana Fixed Income Market (GFIM) recently launched the Bloomberg E-Bond Trading and Market surveillance system, a new electronic trading system for Ghanaian government bonds, which Bloomberg began operating in August.

 “The GIFM was founded by a consortium of financial institutions with a shared vision of a fairer, more transparent and more efficient market for all Ghanaian fixed income securities,” Central Bank Deputy Governor and GFIM Governing Committee Chairman Millison Narh told West Africa News.
For participants in Ghana’s USD 7.7 billion (GHS 28.9 billion) fixed income market, the Bloomberg E-Bond system provides electronic trading and market surveillance tools. In addition, all of Ghana's fixed income trading will take place in the new system. 

Ghana is the second African country to use the Bloomberg system, following fellow West African nation Nigeria.