APR Energy commissions new Botswana project

APR Energy, a global fast-track power solutions,recently announced that it has completed successfully the installation and commissioning of its new two-year, 35MW project for Botswana Power Corporation and the 48MW expansion of its existing project for Senelec, Senegal's national electric utility.

The project builds on a relationship that began in 2010, when BPC contracted APR Energy to develop a 70MW solution to supplement electricity being imported from neighboring countries. While that plant was sold to the utility in 2014, BPC again selected APR Energy when it needed additional generating capacity.

"Botswana is currently faced with electrical power supply challenges, and load shedding is the order of the day as a result. This additional 35MW will go a long way toward alleviating the situation," said BPC's Expansion Project Chairperson, Franklin Modisenyane. "

In Senegal, the addition of 48MW of new generating capacity includes diesel power modules redeployed from Libya. The expansion increases the company's installed capacity for Senelec to 68MW.

The company is currently contracted to provide approximately 300MW of generating capacity across Africa, including projects for electric utilities in Angola and Mali and to support development of a major industrial facility in Egypt.